How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant to Your Customers

Your potential clients have many options when searching for a contractor in your industry. There are hundreds of choices.

How can you stand out? How can you take control and transform your business?

How can you make the case that you are the right fit for them and literally make your competition a non-issue?

Get Clear on Your Who

I have written about this for years. Unfortunately, most contractors try to serve everyone. I remember when we took time to identify our ideal client in my painting company many years ago. We narrowed it down to these few things:

  • The wife of an executive who was being transferred from the East Coast to Naperville, IL.
  • They had a deadline for completion because the moving truck was coming.
  • She was busy getting the family settled and her main concern was making this new house her home.

Create Content For Them and Nobody Else

Our blogs, website, ads and 30 second commercials all focused around serving this woman. The result was an immediate increase in job size and profit.

Once you identify who your ideal client is and speak their language you will attract them and more like them. Your competitors are out chasing everyone and anyone…spending a bunch of time and money on the wrong people.

Take control of your marketing by getting your who and message clear and your competition is irrelevant.

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