Lundie Pinner


Career Experience –Lundie’s first accounting experience was when she about 14 years old helping her grandfather with the monthly reports for their family newspaper bookbinding business.

Her Struggles – The biggest challenge has been to keep healthy boundaries between work and family life so each area can have the best, most focused version of herself.

What Qualifies her to do her job? –Lundie has worked in many industries. In the construction world, she served as a bookkeeper for an air-duct manufacturing company. Accounting basics are the same regardless of industry – money in, money out!

“Be kind to your future self.”

Personal Life –Lundie lives in Illinois with her husband and son. She strongly values a quiet, content life with her family. Her kind of fun means weekend “hike & breakfast” dates with her husband, family movie nights, online gaming, and hobbies that nearly always include some form of data cataloging (genealogy, book collections, etc.)

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