Are You Losing Sales by Doing Your Own Books?

You’re damn right you are!

99.999999% of contractors who do their own books are stealing money from their business.

You are an expert with a hammer.

You can run a Dingo like Han Solo can fly his ship.

You’ve mastered your craft and it took many years to do so.

I have a problem with those of you who are trying to learn Quickbooks or some other system and then doing your own bookkeeping (paying bills, payroll, invoicing, etc.).

The time you’re spending farting around learning this new skill can be spent prospecting, selling or training your people. Stop doing crap you shouldn’t be doing.

The point of this post today is down and dirty: Stop doing your own books. You’ve spent a lot of time and money becoming the expert in your field. When someone tries to paint their own house, build their own deck or whatever you trade is…you shake your head because you know their in for trouble.

The same applies here. Get out of the way and let the expert do your books.