If the Shoe Fits, Wear it…

A couple of thoughts… if the shoe fits, wear it.

– You don’t have consistent company meetings nor do you lead your team with confidence and vision because you don’t trust yourself. You don’t trust yourself because you continue to break promises to yourself. This erodes your confidence and you then feel like a poser or a fraud when you stand in front of your people…so you avoid it. This makes you unattractive to potential team members and current ones.

– You’re getting your ass kicked financially because you are living above your means. You’re changing habits in your biz to drive sales and profit but not making any adjustments at home. Do both and success compounds faster.

– You don’t want success bad enough. You’re settling for your mediocre business instead of going all in. You’re still holding back. You’re not dialing the phone 50 times a day to introduce yourself. You’re not hitting record on your phone and jammin’ out social media videos to educate your market. You’re not taking ‘build your brand seriously.’

– You are afraid to grow. You say things like “I just want to stay small and profitable.” In many cases, that is code for “I don’t trust myself to grow as a leader so I will just stay here.” Staying small is a fit for some, I get that. If you want life-changing money, freedom, and choices… you need to scale. You need to become fanatical about growing sales and your team. Stop saying things like “If I could just make $x per year I’d be good.” That’s you just tapping out.

– Some of you should close your business down and get a job. You continue to show evidence of someone who doesn’t want to do what it takes to grow. You continue to use excuses like, “I don’t know my numbers… I don’t know how to market my business… I haven’t paid myself enough in over a year.” Fill in the excuse. Hustle, drive, and resilience will trump knowledge enough to buy you some time to gain the knowledge. The knowledge for making money is easy… you already know it… “spend less than you bring in.” You already have the knowledge to market your business… “open your mouth without hesitation or apology.” There’s no shame in calling it quits if you’d be wealthier and happier doing something else. Lose your ego and move on. PS – Some of you read this last one and got butthurt… you’re probably the ones that need to hang it up.

I care deeply about the LIFE and business success of every one of you. I am investing crazy money hiring more #FWs and on more technology to make this program easier to implement. I am asking you all to read this again… apply what you need to.

Step it up and fucking win.

Again, if the shoe fits…