I Pity the Fool Who Continues to Run a Weak Business


About this time each year many business owners are kicking themselves.

Sales goal not reached…kick.
Not enough profit…kick.
Still don’t have the right people in place…kick.
Books are a mess, bills piling up, another unprofitable and disorganized year…kick.

It’s easy to feel like a fool when you’re at that point. You look back with 20/20 vision at all you could’ve and should’ve done to get different results.

It’s easy to feel like a fool. I remember years ago I would make my resume every year about this time and send it out…looking for relief. I felt like a fool.

“Feeling like a fool and being a fool are not the same.”

The difference is action.

Fools do the same stuff that got them in that situation…
Fools bitch and whine but don’t create new habits…
Fools lie to themselves about the severity of the problem and allow their pride to tell them that they have it under control and this year will be different…

Non-fools know they don’t have all the answers and admit they need to change…
Non-fools face the music, take it on the chin and take a step in the right direction…a step. Not just a thought. They move. They change. They do what they need to do. Did you see how I bolded the words ‘they do’?
Non-fools are humble…

Non-fools will have different results one year from now.

Self-Assess and Then Get Your Ass in Gear

Here are a few areas that you will need to get honest with yourself in. When you do and then make the required changes you will have different results.

  1. The financial health of your business. Like it or not your vision of a great business is not enough. No amount of passion, charisma or intelligence will save you if you have weak financials. If you consistently are struggling to pay yourself a salary and have a profit and enough for all the other bills in the business it’s time to come clean and get help. Before you start justifying your crappy financial performance with more lies understand this…90% of small businesses are not making enough money. The data doesn’t lie. If you don’t have at least 6 months of cash in the bank to support the business (all expenses and your salary) then it’s time to make a plan and work it until you do. Cash wins.
  2. Your calendar is winning. You never have enough time to get things done. You often say “there’s just not enough time in the day to do all I need to do.” If you never have enough time then admit you have a problem and change. No more excuses. It’s your business. It’s your time. Take control. Maybe you’re really that busy? Maybe you’re just unfocused or lazy? Either way it’s time to get it together and take control.
  3. You have staff problems…again. Having a hard time finding or keeping people? Afraid to leave for a week or two because the whole thing will fall apart without you calling the shots? Are you adding staff to the business but are still working just as much or more? Enough is enough. Make the needed changes in yourself that will allow your people to grow and take some of the load from you. No matter how talented you are, you can’t carry this business alone.

Fool or non-fool. What’s it going to be in this new year? The choice is yours. Having a strong business will not happen on accident. The good news is that the concepts, systems and actions are all doable for anyone if you’re truly committed.

What’s it going to be this year? It’s in your court…