I Didn’t Get the Job

A while back I was in the running for a Head Football Coaching job at an area high school. It was the perfect fit…so I thought.

I grew up in the town and had many ties to the community. In the interview process they made mention of some things that were important to them as they build the program and I felt ‘we clicked’ on those exact topics. The timing of this whole thing also seemed to be a God-thing too. The day I was contacted about the position was the exact day my contract was up with another organization. If the opportunity had come any earlier…I wouldn’t be available. If it came any later…I would’ve missed the shot. It came on the exact day that it needed to…God was behind this one!

They felt I was not the best fit to lead their program.

“Thank you for your time and input and passion.” 

“We don’t know who we’re hiring yet…but, we have decided that it will be one of the other candidates.”

They didn’t even know who they wanted, they just knew it wasn’t me! That one hurt!

I won’t bore you with all of the reasons I believe I was the guy for the job…but, I will tell you how I felt:


For the first time in a long time I felt really small.

Like a loser.

I “lose” all the time in business. I don’t get the speaking gig or a client chooses to hire someone else…I get that all the time like many other business owners. But, this one hurt because I felt like it was really meant to be.

After I received the news, my wife apologized and comforted me as we leaned against my car in the driveway. Then, we moved on with life. I got back into my work and win at everything I do. 

Not So Fast!

This summer has been awful for me at MOTOR. Not in relationships or in impact, but in building my business. My revenue is lower than it should be and until recently I felt lost. As I stand on the other side of this ‘awful’ summer I can clearly see what went wrong. I’ve learned a couple lessons that I will share with you so that you can avoid making the same mistakes!

Lesson Numero Uno: I cashed the check before I had it in my hand.

I thought I had the coaching job. I was planning summer camp, putting together a staff (in my mind and on paper) and even spent several hours creating my Program Manual, Coaches Manual and our playbook. I had the job…right?

Lesson Number Dos: I lost focus on what was important now.

There are certain things we need to do each day that will get us toward our goals. I have a vision for the MOTORhood and truly believe in all the good things I’m doing here, but I blew off my own High Impact Activities for a few weeks. A few weeks of taking my eyes off of what I needed to do created a ‘negative-momentum’ for MOTOR. 

That was a huge mistake and I’m paying for it several months later.

Lesson Number 3: Things will be just fine if I move again.

In the movie World War Z, which I saw with my son Dakota, Brad Pitt’s character said something that stuck with me. As he was hiding from the zombies with a family in a small apartment, the father of the family was barricading the doors and windows…settling in and trying to reinforce things in order to keep the zombies out. Brad Pitt says, “We need to move.” Other dude says, “No. It’s safer here.” Then, Pitt’s character says,

“Movement is Life.”

Think about it. When blood is moving..you’re alive. When water is moving…life.  

Whatever it is that has blindsided us…we need to keep moving.  “Movement is Life.”

I had stopped moving. I was waiting it out or something…I’m really not even sure what I was doing. BTW..guess who lived and died in the movie?

Lesson #4: Things can change quickly

I woke up, brushed myself off and attacked. The result? 

Within just a few weeks I have won two awesome coaching clients, created momentum by starting some groups to help business owners and I’m being considered for a speaking gig with one of the coolest international organizations around! When you choose to move things can turn on a dime. Don’t wait…just move.

If you didn’t get the job…I have a couple of words for you:

I’m sorry. I know it hurts.

When you think you’re getting the gig…keep planting seeds.

You’ve got what it takes. Just stay focused.

Keep moving. Action is better than inaction. Go do something.

You’re not far away from things getting better. You’ll be ok.

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