How to Start a Small Business Without the Typical Stress

Every day, entrepreneurs are taking their ideas and starting businesses…or so they think.

Many times, what they do is take their idea and try to start a business. They get so bogged down in the things they think need to happen instead of actually starting (launching) the business.

Here are some thoughts of mine to help you make sure your business actually starts:

Do the Bare Minimum Needed

You need the following to start…

  • A need to meet or a problem to solve
  • Register for anything required by law
  • A bank account

You don’t need a logo, cards or even a website. You don’t need many of the things you think. Once you find a problem to solve for people let them know.

Entrepreneurs waste a lot of time stressing over colors, logos, names and websites and never actually solve a problem.

Get a Customer

Great. You have the solution for the problem people have. It doesn’t mean jack without a paying client.

Find 1 client. Help them. Collect some money.

Now…you have a business.

They won’t care that your website isn’t done or if you have a business card. They don’t even care if you’re ‘professional’ in most cases…as long as their problem is gone and they get the results they want.

Serve Your Customer Like a King

Helping them is great and so is taking their money. But, how can you serve them in ways your competitors won’t? Make the experience something they will measure all future businesses by.

One way to make the experience stand out is to be different. Maybe you give a gift even if they don’t hire you? Whatever it is…stand out. Be different. Do the opposite of others in your industry.

Everyone has ideas. Not everyone can implement.

Start fast out of the gate. Meet a need. Get paid and love up on them. Then, repeat and tweak as you go.

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