How to Grow a Plumbing Business: 5 Proven Strategies

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With AI and tech taking jobs left and right, there’s never been a better time to get started in the trades. And plumbing is a profession that people need now more than ever. Why? Because most people don’t have the slightest idea how to unclog a sink or fix a leaky pipe. These skills just aren’t prioritized anymore. If you know how to do these things, you’re seen as a hot commodity. You can charge more for your services and make a great living. The trick is that you have to figure out how to grow a plumbing business.

I don’t just want you to “get by” with your plumbing business, either. I want you to grow, expand, and thrive. Keep reading to see my proven strategies for growing a plumbing business in 2024. 

So, you’ve trained as a plumber. You’ve got your tools of the trade. Maybe you’ve even snagged a few clients. Now what? Now it’s time to really get the lead out and get your business moving forward. This requires you to transition from someone who just knows how to get their hands dirty to someone who can sell and market their business. Whether you do it on your own or with a business coach, my proven strategies can guarantee growth in your business and revenue. 

Establish a Digital Presence

The #1 thing any business can do to grow is to establish a digital presence. Create a website, social media accounts, and a Google Business profile. You can access an enormous pool of clients with minimal time and effort. That said, you will need to ensure that your digital “storefront” represents your brand and reaches your target audience. Otherwise, you’re just wasting virtual space. 

The website should clearly state information about your company, team, and services, and provide a direct way to contact you for a project quote. A Google Business profile will give your business more authority and may come up in search results when a potential customer searches for a “plumber near me.” 

Don’t ignore platforms like Instagram and TikTok, either. These have been key to growing plumbing businesses nationwide, especially when targeting younger homeowners who are less likely and less willing to try DIY plumbing. 

Social media can be a game changer for building authority and getting more high-paying clients. Sharing successful projects and even plumbing tips with your audience can promote your business, build trust, and gain new customers. 

Outsource Tasks You Don’t Want To Do

Every business requires you to wear many hats. If you’re a one-man operation, you might need to be the plumber, the accountant, the customer service rep, and the marketing guru (and the list goes on and on). Focusing on tasks you don’t like or aren’t good at takes time away from growing your business. It also sucks your energy away, because it takes twice as much effort to do something you’d rather pass off to someone else. Once you’ve reached a certain level of growth, outsource the less desirable tasks to employees who can take some of the load off your shoulders. 

Whether you hire a designated person in the office to handle multiple tasks, use a freelance virtual assistant, or a professional agency, taking everyday tasks off your plate will give you more time to focus on what matters — business growth. 

Make Sure You Have A Kick-Ass Team That Gets You

Even if you just have one other person on your payroll, you need to make sure they can get shit done. It’s your responsibility to teach them every part of your business and ensure that they understand how you want to do things. Rather than going back and cleaning up messes, teach your employees and team members how to do things right the first time. 

If you already have a team in place, evaluate their skills, work ethic, and certifications. If they can benefit from additional training courses and certifications, then this could be a great investment for your business. Whatever can land you more jobs and improve the quality of your services is definitely worth it. 

Don’t Let Cash Flow Interrupt Your Operations

Plumbing businesses can’t always depend on reliable revenue. Clients will call you when they need you, but there’s no guarantee when (or how often) that will happen. Usually, it’s during an emergency or a renovation, which may be just once in a few years for most people. 

To generate more revenue on a regular basis, consider adding memberships for maintenance or service agreements with large companies. Having a monthly or annual membership where customers will receive discounts and routine maintenance can increase your overall revenue, encourage repeat clients, and reduce periods of poor cash flow.

Reconsider Your Clientele

You may have only worked with residential homeowners in the past. But what if you reconsidered your clientele to include larger, higher-paying clients?

Think about offering your services to property management companies that coordinate maintenance and repairs for hundreds of properties in the area. Or reach out to commercial landlords and buildings that have more than ten bathrooms. These high-ticket clients can replace (or add to) dozens of one-off jobs and help bring stability to your revenue stream. Offering service contracts to clients with a constant need for plumbing could put your business exactly where you want it to be. 

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