How to Get More Customers for Your Contracting Business

Dollarphotoclub_94968820-sizedEvery contractor I know wants to get more customers. They obsess with choosing which marketing tactic to employ so they get more leads and opportunities for sales.

Here is the single most important thing I believe you can do to get more customers. The concept is simple, but the execution can be tough because it takes focus.

Connect with One Person

Take a look at your all of the marketing your business does and describe who it’s for. Most small business throw too broad a net into the customer ocean and are disappointed with the results. Often times the leads they do get are a poor fit and you just wasted your time.

Create your marketing around a person. What do they struggle with? How would they like their life to be better? For example, my website screams “contractors reclaim your life and make more money” because those are the two biggest pains they consistently share. Everything I write about, speak about and communicate in all of my marketing messages is built around that.

Every marketing company, SEO firm and advertising rep in between is trying to get you to spend money on their ‘thing.’ Before you dive in take some time and make sure you’re creating a plan that is based on helping one individual person. When you do others will follow.

If you’d like help connecting with one person in your marketing I’m glad to help.

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