How to Conduct a Sales Meeting for Your Contracting Business

Contractor Business Sales Meeting

We sure love sales, don’t we? There’s nothing like that feeling you get when someone says ‘yes’ to your service and writes you a check or hands you some dead presidentes. Below I share some thoughts on how to conduct a sales meeting for your contracting business so you can keep those sales coming in and make sure you’re making a profit.

Get it through your head… you need a sales meeting

A regular, hopefully weekly, meeting will keep you and your team focused. When we fail to talk about something in the business on a regular basis we will eventually struggle in that area. A regular sales meeting will keep your eyes on making sure enough money is coming in.

Share the wins

This meeting is a great time to share victories with everyone. This builds momentum and raises morale. Most meeting suck in my opinion, so start it off with a celebration. Have your sales people share about exciting jobs they’ve sold and have your Foremen share about their up-sells. This will make everyone feel they are a part of building a winning culture. And, for the ones who have nothing to report…they’ll feel some gentle pressure to step up without you saying a word.

This is where you keep score and track where you are versus your sales goals.

Also, use this time to update your leads and sales tracking programs so you don’t fall behind on the data. I use BASE CRM. You can buy it here.

Recap your estimating process

Show a picture of something and have everyone write down how they would go about putting time and money to it. This is a great way to train the team on how to think about projects. The reality is most of your field employees never think about how to come up with a price for things because they usually just show up and do the work.

This training will help you build a team of thinkers.

Role play

In our Contractor Sales Academy we call this the secret sauce. There’s no substitute for practice. The more situations you can put your people in when practicing, the better they will perform when it matters.

There are numerous scenarios you can set up for role plays:

  • Client asks your lead guy to take care of something not on the proposal
  • The client wants a price on adding another room of carpet or adding a pergola to the hardscape project you’re building
  • Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner are not on the same page and your foreman is in the middle

Have fun with it and practice!

Below is a sample Sales Meeting for you to use. This is similar to the one I’ve used for years and currently in my new company.

730am     High Fives, Coffee & a Few Laughs

735am     Share your wins for the week & make sure sales tracker is updated

745am     Share your struggles. What can we help you with?

800am    ‘Let’s pretend’ (all bid the same project and talk about the process)

815am     Role Play (pick 2 people to role play & get critiqued by the group)

830am     Close the meeting with a quote, story or testimonial from a happy client

This one hour each week will do great things in your contracting business. Next time, I’ll talk about how to have a production meeting to make sure you’re profitable on all these sales!

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