How to Build a High Performing Brand in the Home Service Industry


It’s a Saturday morning and you and your wife are enjoying a cup of coffee in the Kitchen.  She looks up from her ipad (who reads a newspaper anymore, right?) and says to you, “I want to add a wall in the loft upstairs and enclose the space.”  You say, “Ok.” For the sake of this blog you will simply agree to the request.

This project will require someone to come into your home, frame a wall, hang drywall, tape the drywall and paint it. You will need electrical work done and in some cases plumbing. Sounds simple, right?

The Key To Building a High Performing Brand

Homeowners have many fears when it comes to having strangers come into the home promising to make everything look and work right!  Here are a few of their concerns:

  • Does the contractor know what he’s doing? Is this the first time they’ve done this kind of job?
  • What if the job takes longer than they said? We hear stories of a 3 day job taking 3 weeks!
  • Will the job look as good as promised or could I have done a better job? If they’re paying for it, it should look amazing, right?
  • Will I get ripped off? If I give this person money, will I get an equal return in value?
  • Who will be doing the work and what kind of credentials do they have?
  • Will this project create more problems for me? For example, will adding this wall put us in a position where we need to redo the floors?

On and on the questions go.  All of your customers have them. These questions come in many shapes, kinds and sizes! After building a successful painting company for many years, I have learned a lot about how to put the average homeowner at ease.

The root of all of their questions and concerns can be summed up with one question:

Will you respect me?

Respect is defined as: an act of giving particular attention; a high or special regard

Isn’t that what every customer wants regardless of the industry? They want our best attention.  The want to feel they are regarded as ‘special’ to us. Will you respect each and every client?

Low-hanging Fruit

Showing respect is so simple in the home services market. When we built our company, Jalapeno Paint Werx, we succeeded by finding ways to stand out in the most basic ways.

  • We answered the phone, were on time and finished the jobs when promised…because we respected their time.
  • We bid and performed jobs in a manner that would ensure they received the best possible job for the money they had budgeted…because we respected their money.
  • We hired normal and legal people to work for us…because we respected their families and property.

As a result, we built a brand that is now known for providing a great experience, not just a paint job.

Too many home improvement companies are thinking that if they just market more or lower their prices that their businesses will grow. This thinking doesn’t go deep enough though. In order to build a successful brand, great attention needs to be given to the overall customer experience. When a customer has a great experience it’s UNCOMMON in the home improvement arena. When you respect them in every way your will get them talking about you and spreading the love!

Don’t underestimate the impact that basic respect can have on your brand!



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