How Do I Know if I’m Ready to Hire a Business Coach?

Are you tired of being stuck in your business? I speak to small business owners every week who are trying to find ways to strengthen their businesses. Many of these owners are working hard and looking for answers to some of the following questions:

  • How do I know who my ideal client is? How do I find more of them?
  • Why can’t I seem to make a profit? I’m really busy, but not making much money!
  • How do I find good people to work for me?
  • How do I put ‘systems’ into place if I’m not even sure of what they should be?

The questions keep coming because the small business owner has many needs.

One other question I get quiet a lot is “How Do I Know if I’m Ready to Hire a Business Coach?”

There are many statistics that will make the case as to why you may want to hire a business coach. There are many studies that will tell you that coaching can help you produce an ROI of $7.00…$12.00…and more per every dollar you spend on a business coach.

In most cases the math works. Coaching is a great investment for your business.

What Makes the Right Business Coach for You?

There are thousands of coaches to choose from. How do find the one that will help you the most?

First, there’s got to be a chemistry. If you read their stuff or hear them talk you feel like ‘they get you.’ Or, you get them. It’s an intangible thing. If you don’t find someone that you have this chemistry with it is unlikely to work.

Second, there must be a level of trust. Two-way trust. You should feel like they are in this to help you and are making decisions and giving advice based upon what’s best for you. The coach should also be able to trust you. You need to be honest and reliable in order to have a successful coaching experience.

Third, do they have the experience to help you? Have they built a successful company? More importantly, have they failed? Some of the best coaches are the ones who have made tons of mistakes and lost it all. They don’t need to have experience in your exact industry either. Sometimes it’s good to get someone from the outside to help you see differently.

Are You Ready to Be Coached?

business coach


A coach is a guide. Someone to help you get yourself into the best possible position in order to succeed. I’ve found after working with numerous companies over the years a few things that hold true in all cases. Your answers or thoughts on the below points will tell you if you’re ready for business coaching.


  • Are you teachable? Building a strong business will require you to learn to think differently. A sponge-like mentality is a must.
  • Do you want the truth? A good coach will get in your face from time to time. Some coaches are more subtle than others. Find someone who’s got a style you can work with. Just make sure you want the truth.
  • Get ready for a marathon. In most cases this will be a longer term relationship. Personally, I like working with clients no less than a year. It gives us time to really get to know each other and to recognize patterns and habits.
  • Are you ready to work ON your business? In order to benefit from coaching you will need to learn to shift your thinking and create systems that will enable you to achieve your goals.
  • Are you ready to have some homework? In between sessions you’ll have some work to do. Not all of it will be easy.
  • Do you see value in coaching? Some people don’t. If you don’t see value then you’re not ready. When we value something we find the time and money and give it our best. Your growth will require your best.
  • You’re ready if you understand that your success is in your hands. A coach will help you open your eyes and work your strengths. A coach will also help you stay focused. But, the end result will depend on your attitude and implementation.

Is business coaching right for you? Only you can answer that. If you’re thinking you’re ready and that we’d be a good fit feel free to learn more here.