How Do I Grow My Construction Business?

Every day thousands of contractors are asking “How Do I Grow My Construction Business?”

Before you jump to conclusions and think that growth only means ‘top-line revenue,’ I want to make sure you understand growing your business can mean a few different things based on your goals. Things like:

  • growing revenue
  • growing profit
  • growing happiness
  • growing culture
  • growing free time

To get the kind of growth you desire, here are three areas that are often overlooked by construction business owners.


What do you want? Really?

Most don’t take the time to hunker down for a few days and get clear on everything from how much money you want to make to the type of people you envision on your team.

Get away. Get clear. Without clarity you’re only chasing a mirage.


You know what you want. What actions will get you there? This is the unsexy work. This is the grind. This is the work that often doesn’t show results for a while.

Stay the course and be persistent in the time-tested principles of business.

Keeping Score

Construction businesses that grow keep score. They know their numbers. Their lead sources. How much a lead costs. They know because they track with obsession.

The Secret to Business Growth

Knowing what to do doesn’t mean crap if you don’t do it. Start. Adjust on the fly. Learn. Get better.

Why not get serious about this today? The longer you wait the longer it will take growth to show up.