Greg Dempsey


Sales, General Contractor Bidding

Career Experience – On March 10, 1989, Greg’s dad came into the house, took a shower, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed out the door with Greg in tow to a construction site. Greg remembers this day like it was yesterday – because it foreshadowed the rest of his life. In 2002, after receiving a degree in business management with a minor in computer science, he took the career path that his father introduced to him at an early age. 

Greg isn’t blessed with any carpentry, painting, deck-building, plumbing, electrical, or HVAC skills, but he does have quite the eye for detail.

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.”

His Struggles – Greg has messed up more than most people because he’s willing to fail in order to learn – he’s stubborn, so he sticks with something until it works. He learns through experience, and he can only learn from experiences that he himself has lived. He has succeeded because of his persistence to be better, and he’ll never stop.

What Qualifies Greg to be a Coach? – If Guinness had a record for being stubborn and messing things up, Greg’s picture would be there with a gnarly smile.

He lives by the mantra: “I always have to try it myself.” His experiences come from real life, not from a book.
Greg wants to help others avoid going down some of the dead-end paths he went down. He says: “You have greatness in you. My goal is to find out where it’s hidden, and let you rediscover it.”

Personal Life – Born in 1980, Greg is married to a truly remarkable woman, and he questions her mental state every day because she’s still married to him. The two of them are the parents of three amazing little people – so amazing, Greg’s not 100% sure if they’re his. lol