Gina Malvestuto

Finance, Coach

Career Experience –After working in corporate America, Gina worked for her first CPA firm in 2001 and saw how poorly the small business owners were treated — so she started her own business in the summer of 2002.

Within three years of going out on her own, she was doing bookkeeping for a dozen contractors. Tom Reber was one of them.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Her Struggles –Gina grew up with an abusive father who twisted her young world. Because of the chaos at home, she was constantly living with relatives and only had a few sets of hand-me-down clothes, ‘learning’ that luxury was above her.

Moving around a lot meant she was always the new girl in school. It was hard for her to talk in a group or make friends. She didn’t get a lot of support.

Her family told her she would never be anything more than a housewife and a mother. To prove their point, they kicked her out of the house when she was 20 years old, sure she would come crawling back – but that didn’t happen. Instead, she worked four part-time jobs to keep a roof over her head. Her family thought she was crazy.

After all this, she knows that she’s strong and resilient.

What Qualifies Gina to be a Coach? – Throughout her career, Gina has seen thousands of profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and payroll reports. She can instantly assess the financial health of a company and see where the profit leaks are.

Personal Life – Gina lives outside Chicago with her husband, teenage son and 2 cats. They enjoy going for nature walks and to the zoo. Her husband works full time as a soldier in the Army National Guard and her son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3.
Gina can light up a dance floor!

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