Get Back Coach

I have a ‘get back coach.’

His job is to make sure players and coaches are not standing too close to the football field so the refs can move freely without running into us.

His job is to keep all of us back. Me included.

As a Head Football Coach I have a vision to rebuild a program that has been down for more than a decade. There is a mindset of losing that is so deeply ingrained that I almost believe it’s part of the DNA at the place I coach.

I have a vision.

I can taste it. I’ve been there before and know what it takes to get there.

But, I am not a ‘get back coach.’
I’m not an equipment manager.
I’m not our Defensive Coordinator.
Unfortunately, this year I am the Offensive Coordinator. That changes next year… I found the right guy… I just need to close the deal.

***I cannot communicate the vision and pull it off myself.***

I must lead the culture and raise up others in order to reach our target.

In your business you need a ‘get back coach.’

I once heard someone say every entrepreneur needs a ‘get it done guy.’ Someone who understands your vision and believes in it as much as you do.

My ‘get it done guy’ is Neil Kristianson. He’s a huge part of The Contractor Fight team and most of the reason this group and Accelerate exists.

I have ideas. I have a vision. He finds a way to get it done. I let him loose to do his thing.

Some of you are stuck because you don’t have someone to make things happen.

? It’s ok if you have the vision but don’t have a clue how to pull it off.

It’s ? if you are not the one who creates the ‘process’ and pulls all the strings.

? I repeat….it’s OK if you are not the one to do the stuff. ?

Communicate the outcomes you want. 

Communicate your non-negotiables. 

Focus on the big picture and hand off the ‘get it done’ parts to someone who believes in your vision and is strong where you are weak.

My challenge for you today is to commit to finding your ‘get it done’ person (it could take a while to find them… that’s ok).

Then, take a day or two (yes… a full day or two way from distractions) and paint a picture of the outcomes you want.

Then… wait for it…

Let them do it. Their way.

Your direction to them is simple: “Go get the outcomes I want. Ethically.”