How Do I Fix My Contracting Business?

People often ask “How do I un-f#ck my contracting business?”

This is how.

The step by step process is outlined below.

This is stuff you will learn here. A lot of it will be free. Some is available through some of our programs like Accelerate, The Contractor Sales Academy or The Crucible.

You will get out what you put in.


WHAT DOES YOUR CALENDAR LOOK LIKE? How much time do you work on YOU?

Who is in your inner circle? Are they winning? Or are you hanging out with people who are broke, fat, negative, etc?

The Contractor Fight will not be won without a 100% commitment of yourself. Your financial future depends on it. Your ‘peace-of-mind’ depends on it.

No more half-assing your life and business.



Before your business can kick serious ass, we need to deal with you.

Your business only grows as strong as you do. You only grow as strong as you’re willing to own the crap that is weakening your foundation.

All progress starts with truth.

Who and what have you been?

What do you believe about yourself?

Who do you want to be? What does that guy look like?

Are your actions consistent with who you want to be?

The Contractor Fight starts here. Own it.


Progress starts with truth.

What is the truth of your financial situation? How much money do you make? How much have you saved or invested so your family can have a solid future?

There are two elements to ‘getting oxygen.’

1. Pay yourself what you need to live without financial stress and secure a strong future.
2. Increase your lead flow.

You can’t pay yourself without work. You can’t sell work without leads.

Your focus in this phase of The Contractor Fight is making sure your phone rings more than you need it to and that you are consistently paying yourself a salary that matches the value you bring.

The Contractor Fight depends on your needs being met first.

If you can’t breathe you can’t survive.


“We don’t need it.”

That should be your first thought when it comes to adding any overhead expenses to your business.

There are two backpacks at the base of a 14,000 foot mountain. One weighs 200lbs and has a bunch of unnecessary stuff in it for the climb. The other, only what is needed and it weighs 20lbs.

Which do you choose?

The contractor who is fighting The Contractor Fight will become a student of the math of his business. He will know what the essential items are that need to go into his pack.

Track. Measure. Evaluate. Cut stuff. Travel light.


You need to raise your prices.

Running a business costs money. Doing things right costs more.

Not only do you need to sell at the right price, you need to produce the work in a profitable manner.

Profit comes when these two wings of the airplane are somewhat balanced.

Learn to sell. Learn to fight for every dollar. Learn to create an environment of accountability, recognition and fun.

The Contractor Fight includes building a profitable culture without exception.


Why would you try to multiply stuff that is not working?

Too many contractors think the answer to their problems is more jobs, more people, a shop, an assistant and growing bigger.

Growing your business before you’re ready is just growing your problems.

Should you grow? Maybe. It depends on your goals. It depends on your oxygen, your pack and your profit.

When the time is right the Benjamin’s can be multiplied. The game can change in huge way.

Only engage in a fight that you know you can win.

I tell my football team to ‘trust the process.’ We tell our Contractor Sales Academy members to ‘trust the process.’ Dave Ramsey tells his peeps to ‘trust the process.’

I’m asking you all to trust this process. Don’t jump ahead. Make sure you focus on where you’re at and mastering that before you move on.

Let’s get after it

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