Fighting The Contractor Fight Doesn’t Mean You Get to be a Dick

The Contractor Fight was born out of frustration as most movements are.

For too long contractors have allowed themselves to be disrespected, taken advantage of and bullied by clients and employees.

For too long they’ve let other people call the shots in their company.

They’re not making the money they should be making, despite what the general population thinks.

For too long they have been viewed just one level up from used car salesmen.

These are all good reasons to wake up and step up. These are good reasons to get ticked off and do something about it.

Unfortunately, one thing I’ve seen a little of in my world of contractors is that some take this as a free pass to be jerks to their clients. Some think fighting the fight means you have permission to be rude, in your face and an ass to your customers and employees all in the name of standing up for yourself.

The First Fight

The first place I encourage a contractor to look when this frustration surfaces is the mirror. Are you the type of person you’d want to work for as an employee?

Based on the attitude you have with clients, would you hire you?

The fight begins with taking ownership of your shortcomings. Take an inventory today.

Do you procrastinate?

Are you lazy when it comes to marketing?

Do you avoid tough conversations with your people?

Whatever your crap is…own it.

A Worthy Battle to Engage In

The second fight you should engage in is against the current perception of the average contractor.

We have made our bed as contractors. We’re often late. We leave messes. We do a crap job of communicating. The list goes on.

Your clients are not the enemy, even though a fraction of them are ass-bags. Most want a great experience and are willing to pay more for it. They are no different than you in that respect.

Stand up to the stereotypes that we’ve created and be the type of person and company that you would want to work with.

One huge misconception that contractors have when they hear that we teach to never go out to a prospects house without an agreement to collect money is that it’s done in an ‘in-your-face’ manner. Nothing could be farther from the truth. By taking control of your crap and having a respectful conversation with a client you will smash the contractor stereotypes that are out there.

Look for ways to serve more. Be someone who cares more. Provide an attitude and experience that is so full of respect and pride in what you do that they can’t help but rave about you in a positive manner.

That’s a worthy fight.

How to Wage War

This is simple, but not easy.

Respect yourself first.

Live a life of self-discipline. Get sleep. Get exercise. Get your mind right.

Then, be worthy of respect.

Don’t BS people about project costs or start dates. Don’t take forever to return a call or deal with a problem they have.

Be the type of company that you’d be fired up to work with.

The Contractor Fight is a much needed fight. Most contractors are solid people that need to take control of their businesses. Step up and fight. Just make sure you win the right way.