If you’ve spent years just “getting by,” it’s time to…


No more excuses - No more whining - It’s time to step into the ring

Most contractors in America earn less than $50,000 per year. That’s ridiculous! 

You’re out there busting your ass every day to beautify peoples’ homes. You’re an essential member of your community. You’ve practiced your craft for years. You’re working long hours seven days a week. So why should you settle for table scraps?

Worse yet, why should you put your family’s future at risk?
My mission is to bring RESPECT back to the trades

My name is Tom Reber and I’m a former Marine. After I left the Corp, I started a painting company outside Chicago. Just like you,
I worked my ass off trying to build something special. But I didn’t have the business skills or training I needed to run a profitable company.

I remember the shame and guilt I felt as I forced my family to live from deposit check to deposit check. Always trying to stay half a step ahead of disaster.

Eventually I found a business coach who was able to help me build a solid painting business. In fact, I was able to sell my half of the company to my partner in 2012. Today that company is still going strong painting 300 homes per year.

It’s my memories of those long lonely nights at the beginning of my company that drive me to help contractors today. When I receive emails and messages from guys who are turning the corner in their business because of my input, it inspires me to keep going.

But not everyone can make sense of hiring a private one-on-one business coach.

That’s why I’ve started The Contractor Fight Club. It’s for guys who need a boost to get their business on track without spending thousands of dollars per year.


The Contractor Fight Club is a personalized low-cost high-value coaching program to help you make the leap from craftsman to business owner.
You’ll learn:

What it means to know your numbers
Math is the key to running a profitable business. Without a strong knowledge of what makes up your sale price and why, you’ll always be living from deposit check to deposit check.

How to get your phone to ring with highly qualified leads
In order to sell the best and most profitable projects, you need a steady stream of prospects. Leads are the fuel of your business. Most contracting companies are constantly living an eyelash above Empty.

How to build a strong team you don’t have to babysit
Without qualified and trained employees, you’ll never enjoy a day off. Let alone a week or month away from your business. But where do you find them? How do you keep from cleaning up their messes?

I have been broke since day one 9 years ago but this year it will be different I am tired of being a loser. I want to be a winner and be able to pay myself a decent salary. No more wasting time with tire kickers, cheap customers, doing free stuff for them.
I have to practice and implement what I learned today from the amazing master, Tom”

-Merari Bustos-

“Over the last 6 months, your advice has turned my business around. I was in debt and had over $100k in accounts receivable and had a very inefficient exterior construction business. I was stressed out having arguments with my wife about shutting it down because we were losing money every month. I was a mess.

Since changing some of my habits, I’m working my own schedule, I’m getting the house projects done, like finishing the garage and basement. My wife is happy, and I’m making more money now working by myself than I did with 10 employees!”
-Bradford Usher-

Here’s what you get as a member of The Contractor Fight Club
Monthly Fight Night Training Calls

Each month Tom holds a live training call on the most important topics decided by our members. Attend live and ask Tom your specific questions. Or, access the replay later. Either way, you’ll get loads of value to help your business.

Direct Access To Tom

You will be able to access Tom Reber’s business knowledge in your own private members area. This is worth tens of thousands of dollars and is included in your Contractor Fight Club membership.

Start a private coaching discussion in your private forum. Only you and Tom can see this discussion. Tom will answer your most pressing questions. Together you will plan your next steps to growing a profitable contracting company.

Instant Access To The Fight Night Library

Never before have we released the recorded Fight Night calls. This is the ONLY way you can see past recordings. Topics include -- sales, team building, and marketing.

$97 /month
  • Direct Access To Tom Through Your Private Coaching Thread
  • Instant Access to Past Fight Nights
  • Live Monthly Training Calls

  • That's Only $83/Month
  • Direct access to Tom through your private coaching thread
  • Instant access to past Fight Nights
  • Live monthly training calls

“Hey, Tom. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and this group. Since I found you, I’m a better leader, I’ve got more money, my business is heading in the right direction, and I can’t ask for anything more. So sincerely from the bottom of my heart, thank you, buddy.”
-Mike Klotz-

 “Just want you to know, since the last Fight Night, my sales process has been infinitely better! I can’t believe the difference in my phone calls with prospective clients. It seems to really build trust with the client when you LISTEN. I'm just amazed at the difference in my conversations with customers and how they just trust me initially and don't mind sharing budget info before I come out. It's already saved me a lot of time. Well worth the money. Please let me know when next Fight Night is!”

- Joshua Gadbois-