Faith & Guts

I’m watching Vikings on the History Channel with my oldest son. It’s inspired me.

The Vikings got into the mediocre habit of raiding to the east year after year. Then, one guy said, “I’m going west.”

He went on to explore to the west and found England. He raided, plundered and came home with treasure.

Then everyone wanted to go west.

As I watch this show I’m struck again and again by two things these people possessed that led to their success.


They believed something was out there worth pursuing.


They got in a boat and went to an unfamiliar place.

Faith & Guts

It’s got my mind racing now because I feel like I need to take on more of that mindset personally. Think bigger and take a shot.

One Viking was asked if he would go on that first trip west. He smiled and said, “Of course. I want to have stories to tell my sons.”

It’s got me asking some questions of myself and I want to share those with you so you don’t waste your life settling for mediocrity.

What kind of stories can I tell my kids and their kids? What stories will they tell about me? My buddy Brandon Boyd heard stories from his dad and now he’s making his own. Brandon wrote this about his dad…

“The man traveled through Africa on a bicycle, Stowed away on a Norwegian freighter and lived off of pancakes and beans during a 1700 mile solo canoe trip.”

What kind of stories will you tell?

When’s the last time I explored? How long has it been since I went to an unfamiliar place? If I’m honest with myself I have spent so much time and focus building my coaching business that I’ve not gone somewhere new for a couple years. I don’t mean a geographic location either. I’m talking about going somewhere new internally in my character.

What am I doing now that scares the crap out of me? I’ve been shot at, I’ve faced bankruptcy and I’ve made my wife mad at me several times…all potentially scary things. Those things don’t count. What counts is whether or not I’m stepping out on faith and guts to explore something that freaks me out.

If you’re not scared you’re probably not going big enough.

Why haven’t I explored? What do I need to get more of or get rid of to make it happen?

More courage, less stuff?

More honesty, less excuses?

What are the real reasons I don’t disrupt things and get in my own boat?

Do you believe there’s some treasure out there for you? If you’ve been going ‘east’ every year, maybe you go ‘west’ this time. Don’t let mediocrity rock you to sleep. Open your eyes, look around and go somewhere new.

I know I am… with faith & guts.