Every Waking Moment

Do you know what your job is as the leader of your contracting business?

Sure. There are several plates to spin and hats to wear, but do you really know what it is?

It’s selling.

Not hiring.

Not producing work.

Not training employees.

Not any of these or the dozens of other things that need to be done.

Without a sale, nothing else needs to be done. Here are my thoughts how I believe each contractor should approach the sales role.

Prospect Every Waking Moment

If you’re awake you are letting someone know your business exists. There is no ‘off-switch’ for this. There is never a time where you shouldn’t be spotting opportunities to serve the world with what you do.

Go Were The Money Is

Stop wasting time chasing leads that lead to small budgets.

Invest in the people and neighborhoods that have money. Then, serve them like they’re the only client in the world. When you get a referral it will be from people who have money.

Create Content

Write articles that educate. Shoot videos that show us your people and your approach to what you do. The end result is ‘expert status.’ People hire experts. They also pay them more without blinking an eye.

Get Your Head Right

Sell yourself first each day. Consider all the ways you add value to your clients and why you’re the safe bet when they’re choosing a contractor. This will help you stand your ground and get the money you deserve.


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