EP96: Hollywood Returns

Tom returns from Hollywood! Tom has been off filming a reality show for HGTV, but he’s back to chat with Steve and Derek about “falling on your sword.” Everyone’s screwed up at one point, and while you might be tempted to get defensive or make excuses when you’ve made a mistake, that will only turn your customer away. Instead, when a customer is unhappy with you, you can fix the situation with a real, heartfelt apology. Fully take the blame, and you’ll often find that they will turn the situation around and come to your rescue! Problem solved. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Practicing these skills so you’ll be able to use them smoothly
  • Truly listening to your customer
  • Using mirroring to diffuse tense situations
  • The psychology of how and why this technique works


The Contractor’s Guide to Spotting a Cheap Prospect BEFORE They Waste Your Time

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