EP95: Falling on the Sword

No salesperson likes tire kickers, but what about when you are the one that is wasting your own time? Steve and Derek are on the loose again with Hollywood Reber out of the booth. Today, they are talking all about how to avoid being your own tire kicker!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Derek caught himself on the verge of being a tire kicker just this morning
  • The Shin-Fu works from both sides of the conversation
  • Nobody likes to have their time wasted, regardless of the cause
  • Contractors need to stop getting in their own way
  • What you could be doing with your wasted time
  • The inspiration that led to the creation of the Shin-Fu
  • Make the process as easy and streamlined as possible


Spot the cheap tire kickers!

CSA 5-Step Shin-Fu Sales Process

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