EP94: Making Someone Feel Important

There’s a common theme amongst contractors when it comes to making sales, vomiting all over their prospects. While most contractors think they know what’s best and don’t take the time to really listen to their prospects, the boys over at the CSA are doing it differently. Steve and Derek are here today to talk about how and why to focus on making your prospects feel important. Just make it about the other person!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The mistake that every other contractor makes
  • Showing them what they need to see and hear
  • Digging deeper to find out what the prospects really need
  • In order to learn, you have to go to school
  • Realizing the importance of investing in education
  • What you should assume when prospects call you
  • Highly specialized word tracks will help you appear professional
  • Why price becomes more and more irrelevant


Learn how to weed out the tire kickers!

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