EP92: Estimation Process

When a prospect is throwing money in your face, don’t let your fear of the money talk stop you from taking it. Steve is in the process of getting his roof replaced after a leak washed him out. It’s proven to be quite a difficult process, especially when it has come to communication with the contractor and the entire payment situation. Don’t make the client pull teeth just to give you their money. Make it easy for them and learn how to communicate properly!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Steve shares his current contracting nightmare
  • How you know the contractor is scared to talk about money
  • Derek used to be that guy without a process
  • Establish a process that streamlines the ENTIRE project
  • Spend the prospect’s money the way they want to spend it
  • When contractors collect the bid information without giving the bid
  • 3 things that people hate most about their contractors
  • People are conditioned to want ease and convenience
  • The last thing you should do to get things done
  • Educate yourself to avoid friendly fire


Learn how to avoid cheap prospects!

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