EP91: The Boss Ain’t Here

The boss ain’t here and that means it’s time to party! Steve and Derek are sailing the boat today without Captain Tom, so they are doing whatever the hell they want. Today, they are diving into their history together over the last 7 years since they met. Though it’s only been 7 years, they have made a lifetime’s worth of growth!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The event where Steve and Derek met each other
  • What Derek thought of Steve when they first met
  • Advancements in mobile finance have changed the mindset around money
  • Breaking down the art of polishing a turd
  • What clicked for Derek when he heard Steve speak
  • Using pressure as a way to build sales skills
  • Derek’s financial journey over the last 7 years
  • What the Contractor Sales Academy is all about


The Aquascape Foundation

CSA 5-Step Shin-Fu Sales Process

CSA YouTube


The Bridge

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