EP88: Just Keep Grinding

The first time that you do anything is never going to go well. That’s the point. Becoming successful at anything is going to be a grind of consistent failure. Tom, Steve, and Derek are in the house today to talk about that grind and how staying with it can help you achieve your dreams. Take Steve for example. He didn’t start learning to dance until he was 60 and now he’s ready for Dancing with the Stars!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The more you do anything the better you will get at it
  • Derek’s journey from being a sales novice to killing it with the Shin-Fu
  • Breaking down the characteristics of the Shitty First Draft
  • How most contractors react to what the customer says
  • Controlling the situation while making the customer think that they are in control
  • A bit of advice for those contractors who think they can wing their sales process
  • Being content with your life doesn’t mean you are satisfied
  • When the fear of commitment becomes an obstacle
  • Learning how to win in sales translates to the other parts of life
  • One thing that you have to be clear about right now
  • Why rock-bottom doesn’t have to be the turning point
  • Get a gameplan for the moment you get punched in the face


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