EP84: Peel, Don’t Pounce

Your goal as a salesperson shouldn’t be to vomit all over the prospect of how great you are. Instead, focus on asking the right questions so you can peel away until you get to the prospect’s motivations. Tom, Steve, and Derek are in the house today to talk about how to peel back one layer at a time to make it all about the prospect. Let them discover what would make them truly happy with the project!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Stop vomiting all over the client and let them speak
  • Reasons that you can’t tell them how it’s going to be
  • Their motives are probably completely different than your assumptions
  • All humans just the same thing; they want to be heard
  • Things that make contractors pounce when they should peel
  • Understand the full context of the situation before making assumptions
  • Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions


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