EP76: James Miller

You can’t expect to win the game if you spend no time practicing. Tom is in Bentonville, Arkansas with James Miller to talk about James’s journey through The Shin-Fu. James is a black belt in The Bridge, but he wasn’t always a believer. Like so many contractors, he was looking for a solid sales process and that’s when he found The Bridge. James was in the program for 7 months before he finally did his first roleplay and he started to see real-world results in his business. Remember, you will always rise to your highest level of training!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • James finally realized how important roleplaying is to the sales process
  • We always rise to our highest level of training
  • Imitate somebody who is where you want to be
  • Where the rubber meets the road in The Bridge
  • In order to change positively, there needs to be a mindset shift
  • You will get out what you put into your training
  • Make sure that you feed your mind with the right things



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