EP70: Top Mistakes Made in Sales

No matter what kind of sales you are dealing with, there are some common problems that you will run into as the consumer and the salesperson. The fellas are here today with their list of the top mistakes that are made in the sales game. Learn to shut up and really hear what your consumer is saying. Once you understand their pain, you can better serve them and make sure your customers want to use you in the future and leave great reviews!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Shut your mouth and stop throwing up on people
  • Use your ears so that you can better understand the pain of your customer
  • Rooted insecurities will always make the conversation about you
  • Make your business about other people
  • Avoid running your mouth about things that aren’t important right now
  • We can’t shut up because silence is uncomfortable
  • Everybody is wearing an imaginary sign


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