The truth? You can’t handle the truth! While Jack Nicholson wasn’t talking about contracting when he yelled that iconic line, the concept is just as relevant. Step 3 of the Shin-Fu sales process is when you get the “yes” or “no” from the client. No B.S. Today, the fellas are walking you through a way that you can go out to the home and the client can’t lie to you. If you don’t do step 3 and vanguard then you are setting yourself up to step on a landmine. Just imagine where your business could go if everyone always told the truth!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • A way that you can go out to the home and the client can’t lie to you
  • Where we learn to say, “no, just looking.”
  • It’s not disrespectful, you’re just bringing the future into the present
  • You as a contractor deserve to be respected
  • How to protect yourself before you ever go out to the house
  • Why roleplaying is so essential to success in this business
  • The basic things that you must learn when you own a business



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