EP60: Rejection

Doesn’t it feel like we are in the middle of a very weird science fiction movie? Life is just weird right now. All that said, business and bills continue, so as a business owner, you have to keep moving forward. Market your business like your next meal depends on it, but sell like you’re independently wealthy. Just remember that even if you have a great process, you are going to get rejected. Rejection is just a part of business and can come in a variety of different ways in the sales process. Regardless of their reason for rejection, you have to become comfortable with it or you’ll become stuck!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • A solid process is not going to stop you from getting rejected
  • Your real goal when you are talking to a prospect
  • Make sure to vanguard the PITA (pain in the ass)
  • How much of the rejection is self-imposed?
  • You’re going to make bad decisions when your back is up against a wall
  • Learn how to get yourself in the ring first
  • Rejection can tell you what you did wrong in your sales process
  • Every failure takes you closer to success


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