EP56: Success is Doing What Most Don’t

Getting yourself to do the things that most people don’t want to do is what will separate you from the pack, whether that be in sales or life. The way you practice is the way you are going to play the game. Life is a direct result of every action that you have taken, not everything that you have said, and that’s what the fellas are talking about today. If you want to be rich, happy, and successful, then you have to be willing to work your ass off. Also, Derek and his wife have welcomed a brand new CSA superstar into the world!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How your life is a direct result of all of your actions
  • If you don’t use it, you WILL lose it
  • Be willing to change who you are in order to change where you are going
  • Average sucks no matter where you put it
  • What it takes to win and get money on your own
  • Breaking down the steps of a successful roleplay
  • Ascertaining information by shutting your mouth



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