EP55: The Power of Silence

Silence is difficult to listen to. Sounds weird right? When it comes to selling, there’s a simple truth; those who are talking are losing and those who are silent are winning. Steve is in the house today with his son Logan to talk about the power of silence. If you can make yourself comfortable with sitting in that silence, then your customers will know that you are truly there to listen and they will dig deep for you. Learn to shut your mouth and let the silence speak for you!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Explaining the power of silence from the point of view of a contractor
  • Using silence when trying to find out their motive
  • What prospects talk about to fill the silence
  • Setting yourself up for bracketed silence when talking about money
  • Allowing customers to be in control by being completely open
  • Why human nature will not allow the silence to continue forever


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