EP54: What is Going on With Contractors?

What is going on with contractors? If contractors could grow the balls to be confident in charging a 50% profit margin the way that they defend why not to, then there would be way less struggling contractors! Derek and Tom are on the loose today and they are feeling feisty about this subject. All you need to do is learn from The Bridge and change your ways. Why do you need to learn from a tragedy before you can wrap your mind around charging for a 50% gross profit?

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The social media post that started it all
  • Where contractors get their poor training from
  • Wrapping your mind around a 50% gross profit without a tragedy
  • Importance of knowing all of your numbers
  • Having a mindset that fully believes you can pull this off
  • Going in with confidence that you are worth the price
  • Presenting yourself well as a professional contractor
  • Creative ways to play with the costs of goods
  • Where you’ll stay when you make yourself a victim


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