EP50: Handling Common Objections

No matter who you are, the world is waiting to give you some no’s. That holds especially true if you are a contractor. Though there are a plethora of reasons that leads will say no, the most common objection will almost always center around money. As a contractor, you need to know how to respond to these objections in whatever fashion they present themselves. The fellas are going to walk you through how to handle those common objections like a professional. Break through the fear of losing a job and learn to have the hard conversations!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Being fearful to be totally honest with a lead
  • Picking between the pain of doing cheap work or passing on a job
  • Avoiding the habit of making assumptions about your own numbers
  • Different types of people that stay in business
  • Approaching people knowing that you need to raise your price
  • Truly understanding someone’s motive for hiring a contractor
  • Reverse engineering from where you want to be


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