EP46: Vanguarding II

Vanguarding, when it comes to sales, comes to fruition when you as the contractor act as a precursor to all of the client’s cursing. Most guys don’t have the balls to do this, but setting the tone of the conversation before it actually happens can save you from stepping on a bomb later. Tom is out doing Tom things today, but Steve and Derek are going to tell you all about what it really means to vanguard. Enter these uncomfortable conversations on your own terms. Learn to vanguard.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Putting vanguarding in contractor sales terms
  • Setting the tone of the conversation before it happens
  • Getting to the money to avoid wasting your time
  • Negatives of banking on the ignorance of the consumer
  • Trying to lessen the blow of anything you’re about to say
  • Learning by hanging out with people that are smarter than you


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