EP39: Buying into the Bridge with Tim Cutroni and Greg Dempsey

There is a point when you are building your business, and doing anything in life, that you look to someone else in order to learn. No one has ever done anything great without being broken at some point. When that moment comes, it’s important to look for guidance and fully commit yourself if you want your business to succeed. That’s exactly what the guys are talking about today with CSA partners Tim and Greg. Remember, we become whoever we hang out with, so surround yourself with successful people who are driven and the inevitable will happen. If you’re really serious about changing your business, join The Bridge and see what lies on the other side of commitment. Knowledge is worthless without action.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Understanding the word tracks when closing a sale
  • Buying in fully when you want to be successful at anything
  • Looking for outside guidance when you have hit the breaking point
  • Carrying yourself like the people that you hang out with
  • Having resistance from your spouse when making a change
  • Making time-related goals for outside of work
  • What lies on the other side of commitment
  • Getting serious about life and learning at a young age
  • Differences between a wallflower and going all-in
  • How winners differentiate themselves from losers


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