EP36: Closing the Gap with the Shin-Fu

Only 13% of prospects out there believe that their contractor truly understands their needs. 13%. Let that sink in. Now compare that to the percentage of contractors that believe that they know their prospects’ needs and you will see a dramatic difference. Today, the fellas are here to talk to you about how The Shinfu can help you close that gap between what you believe and what your prospect believes. Active listening is the name of the game and if you say something stupid just to get out of there, you could potentially lose the sale. Use The Shinfu. Stay on the same page as your prospect. Get more sales.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • What contractors think vs. what prospects think after a meeting
  • The last thing we are doing when selling
  • Listening deeper to understand someone’s true motive for picking up the phone
  • Asking more and more questions depending on how they answer
  • Asking permission to be honest or serious
  • Getting from what the perceived problem is to the root issue
  • Low-hanging-fruit skills that the Shinfu offers salesmen
  • Knowing what weapon to pull out of your arsenal
  • Why half of the people that reach out to you are not a good fit
  • Wrapping your head around the customer’s reality


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