EP31: Motivation is BS

You close your eyes and you can see it, the life you want to live. It’s there for the taking, but to get there you can’t just stop at being motivated. At some point, you will have to make yourself do the shit that you just absolutely do not want to do for various reasons, mainly, it takes you out of your comfort zone. If you are going to be good at sales, you need to have a process, and once you have a process, you need to role-play. It will be hard at first, but practice, practice, practice, then go out there and get your first win. After that, ride that wave to as many wins as you can. This is what successful people do that unsuccessful people don’t do. What does your future require of your right now?

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Going beyond the initial stage of motivation
  • Importance of pushing yourself through the embarrassing role-play
  • Doing the basic stuff on a consistent basis
  • Opening yourself up to critiquing and constructive criticism
  • Difference between successful people and unsuccessful people
  • Determining what you can do right now to reach that ideal future
  • 2 things you have to do to raise those profit margins
  • What happens to you when you get good at sales
  • Mastering the basics instead of looking for all the “advanced techniques”
  • The problem with getting from here to there


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