EP29: Secrets to The Follow-Up

The sales process is one that lasts from bringing in leads all the way to the final follow-up. Yes, that’s right, the job is not over when the project is done. Why is it that contractors struggle so much with follow-ups? Time kills deals and if you wait 2-3 months between inking the deal and starting the project, you better be giving your client frequent follow-ups. If they haven’t heard from you, buyer’s remorse starts to kick in and you may not know you’re losing the job until it’s almost time to start. You’re going to vastly decrease the amounts of clients you lose pre- or post-job if you make sure to follow these tips on the essential follow-ups. Take a second to think, how would you feel being left in the dark?

In this episode, we talk about…

  • 3 parts to the follow-up
  • Reasons that time kills deals
  • Appropriate times to perform your follow-ups
  • How the 3-3-3 rule came about
  • Benefits that come with the post-job follow-ups
  • Making it a part of your sales process to go see the customer after the job
  • How the warranty call works and why it’s great


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