EP27: You Are Both The Problem and Solution to Your Business

If your business is getting along great, it’s because of you. If your business is going down the toilet, guess what, it’s also you. Did you know that the most detrimental part to most failing businesses is the owner? You have to be willing to change or else your company is never going to succeed. With Tom out of the studio, Steve and Derek are taking over today to tell you all about how to be honest with yourself about what the real problems are and the solutions to fix those problems. Stay tuned so that you can finally look in the mirror and make a change!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Having drive and being around the right people
  • Feeding yourself more bs than your worst boss ever has
  • The importance of having a great mentor
  • Changing with the ebbs and flows of life
  • Benefits from reliving the same crappy year over and over
  • The missing ingredient when you already know how to work
  • What Nirvana looks like for contractors
  • Knowing that you are both problem and solution
  • Implementing better ideas from people smarter than you
  • Failing at new stuff, not repeating the same thing


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