EP26: What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed

Every single contractor listening to this podcast has felt the heat of feeling like you have too much on your plate at once. Doctors and scientists call it overwhelm. What are the things that drain your energy and suck it away? This is the question that you need to ask yourself so that you know what to ship off of your list. You have to have the discipline to attack your plate one day at a time in order to stay on track. Take the guys’ advice here and take back control of your business. Don’t succumb to the overwhelm!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Different sources of overwhelm
  • Reverse engineering your full plate
  • Strategies to stay disciplined and keep yourself on track
  • Why you should never mess with the money
  • Mental relief that comes with taking something off of your checklist
  • Reasons that procrastination is detrimental to your overwhelm
  • Building that habit of just simply taking action
  • Having a big hairy why for motivation
  • Learning to do the micros in order to get the macro
  • Movement is life


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