EP24: Knowing Your Worth

Knowing what you are worth, sounds simple enough right? Tell me if this sounds familiar, it’s time to tell the customer what your price is and you are suddenly struck with the fear of charging what you are worth. You’re already talking yourself down in your own head before you’ve even told them the price. Well, guess what, your customer is having the same conversation in their head. That’s why money is always the last thing that you discuss with your customer. To find the root of this deep-seated fear of money and self-worth, you need to delve back into your childhood and how your family regarded money when you were growing up. Don’t read minds or make assumptions!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The roots of most money problems
  • Reverse engineering your notions of money to realize your worth
  • Negotiating with yourself about money
  • Making assumptions and reading the customers’ minds
  • Importance of knowing your numbers in the psychology of money
  • Transitioning out of the “payday” mindset
  • Standing your ground instead of saying yes all the time
  • Getting a little more uncomfortable every day


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