EP22: Accountability

In today’s episode, Derek and Steve are going to quickly go over accountability and what it has to do with sales. It seems that when we promise other people things, we follow through, yet when we promise ourselves things, we can get away with not following through. Why do we lie to ourselves? It’s way easier to lie to ourselves because we can’t cut ourselves off like we could with another individual. You need someone else to hold you accountable because at the end of the day we all lack some amount of personal integrity. Remember, you are who you are when nobody is looking.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • What accountability has to do with sales
  • Why we lie to ourselves
  • The point that you are not friends with yourself anymore
  • Negative effects of consistently lying to yourself
  • Importance of having an accountability buddy
  • Making sure what you are doing, saying, or thinking is correct
  • The worst thing you can do on the last rung of life


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