EP21: Spirit of the Conversation

Today in the booth, the fellas are here to tell you as a contractor how to deal with customer objections. Too many contractors have trained themselves to approach customers in a tactical manner, which is starting off on the wrong foot. It’s not just about selling them over the phone and closing the deal. There is nothing more important than having the appropriate spirit in the upfront conversation, which is asking the tough open-ended questions. You need to protect your time and their time and you can do that by asking those questions and keeping that spirit. It is important to remember that you are not in a war of words with the customer, you are in a relationship of conversation.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Customer objection story
  • Importance of the spirit of the upfront conversation
  • Protecting their time and your time
  • How to handle the “too expensive” objection
  • Having the backbone to ask the bold questions
  • Staying away from the lecture mode response
  • Communication as a relationship of conversation
  • Keeping the spirit positive to avoid the snowball effect of negativity
  • Staying away from the emotional triggers
  • Taking a second to consider what the customer might be going through
  • Making yourself likeable


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