EP19: The Hardest Step of the Shin-Fu

Today Reber is out of the studio so Steve and Derrick get to talk about whatever they want. What they want to talk about is seemingly the hardest part of the Shin-Fu process, getting the prospect to agree with you over the phone that they will not lie to you when you come out for a consultation. The last thing that a contractor wants to hear is, “I’m going to think about it.” This statement is a lie, the slow no that is going to take you to Hope Island. People appreciate nothing more than someone shooting straight with them, so stop being a wussy and avoid wasting your time. Shoot straight with your customer!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The last thing any contractor wants to hear at the end of the tap dance
  • Heading to Hope Island with all the other ignorant salespeople
  • The point in the conversation to take this step
  • Sliding into the next step when you are stopped dead
  • An artful conversational way to guide the customer through the process
  • Why the customer feels compelled to give you their honesty
  • Where all contractors start
  • The 2 pains that you can go through


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