EP18: Life Before and After The Shin-Fu

Today in the studio, Steve and Derrick are going to tell you about life before The Shin-Fu compared to life now. Any large change in your life or your company’s way of doing everything is going to seem very weird at first. Eventually, it will just be you being you because it will be your normal process. Don’t throw up all over your customer when you could let them throw up all over you, conversationally speaking. Taking on The Shin-Fu sales process will send your stats through the roof just like it did for these guys. Stay tuned to change your 23% deposit check rate to 100%. No bullshit!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Steve’s statistical climb after adopting The Shin-Fu
  • Becoming comfortable with the change in order to be yourself to the customer
  • Finding out the customer’s motives
  • Derrick’s uncle. We’ve all been that guy without the process
  • Changing the dynamic of the conversation
  • Correlation between technical talk and sales efficiency
  • What you come to realize once you reach the consultation fee
  • It’s a question of how many bases you want when using The Shin-Fu
  • Importance of knowing your numbers


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