EP16: What You Allow is What Will Continue

Today, the fellas are talking about controlling the environment in your company. What you allow is what will continue. If you tolerate these things that you do not want to continue in your business, then you will constantly live in the red. It’s time to get serious about not allowing that shit anymore. You have the power to have control over the direction of your business. So how about you grow a pair and make a change. It can happen over the phone just as easily as it can happen in their backyard. The only difference is you can save yourself that wasted time.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Customers have been trained their whole lives
  • Assumptions that contractors have about the sales process
  • Are you right for the job?
  • Making unnecessary accommodations
  • Learning to say the truth while being respectful
  • What it all really comes down to
  • Getting uncomfortable in order to be successful
  • Changing your mindset on how to properly think


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