EP15: Five Steps to Shin-Fu

In today’s episode, the guys talk about Shin-Fu, a five-step way of finding out if a client is a good fit for your business.  Hear about how you can use Shin-Fu to build a better system for generating sales in any business. Learn about finding motives, asking about money, establishing trust, speaking to the right people, and incorporating consultation fees into your sales conversations.  

In this episode, we go in-depth into:

  • Digging into why someone called you, and what their motives are
  • Making potential clients feel good when talking about money and budgets
  • Setting expectations of honesty
  • Questions you can ask to find out if someone is going to be honest
  • Who is involved, and who is actually going to make a project happen?
  • Separating the liars from the buyers
  • Dealing with corporations and larger projects
  • Committing to using a process, and making no exceptions
  • The allure and ego boost a big job might provide
  • Finding the courage to not bow down to a big job, and not changing your process
  • Are you incorporating every step of the Shin-Fu process in your sales pitches?   


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